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Thanks for visiting our site. We have a growing collection of free walks suitable for all ages, from an hour long potter to half-day hikes. There are walking tips for those new to rambling, and there is a comment box beneath every walk for your observations and suggestions.

Walking Tips

Some suggestions for getting the best out of this site

Photograph of boots, maps, and app by Hertfordshire Walker Released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0Photograph from one of the walks by Hertfordshire Walker Released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

The list of suggestions below is to help you enjoy our walks to the maximum. They cover what you should take, how to print the pages without using too much paper, and how you can contribute to the enjoyment of others trying the walks.

Tree-friendly printing

If you want to print these directions without the pictures, just choose the first icon - the green one with the printer on - in the social share bar below. It will launch PrintFriendly, which enables you to delete the elements of the walk you don't need, thereby saving a few trees, perhaps.

Back up map

We recommend you always carry a copy of the relevant Ordnance Survey (OS) map with you so you can check against our directions and maps. We use the excellent OS app on our smartphone. OS Landranger 166 covers most of the walks on this site. If you want more detail, the OS 182 covers many of the walk, and OS 174, OS 194 and OS 193 cover the rest. But we find an annual subscription to the OS smartphone app to work out cheapest because we travel the country walking.


We are adding interactive maps to all our walks. These are being created on MapHub. They enable anyone with a smartphone to download the KML and GPX files to help with navigation. The new maps are in addition to the map images at the top of each walk, and they appear below the walk directions. Click on the word MapHub at the bottom right of each map. Then click on 'info' on the right, then on 'share', and then on KML or GPX.

Thanks to one of our regular visitors, Daniel, who suggested this addition to the site.

What to wear

We recommend you wear water-resistant boots for our walks. Some of the footpaths cross fields of wheat or rape, which can result in you getting wet after rain or in the early morning. Also, many paths go through long grass, which can be heavy with dew if you are starting the walks early. We also recommend you wear long trousers that dry out quickly, or carry a stick to push back any nettles that encroach on the path.


Some of the walks go through fields where livestock graze. At certain times of the year, particularly during the spring and summer, animals may be more frisky. Please take care at all times. And if you have dogs, please obey any warning signs or requests to keep your pets on a lead.


You will all know that many country pubs have been struggling due to the economy. As a result, some of those mentioned in these pages may have closed. So please check before setting off on your walk. Unfortunately we are unable to keep tabs on all the pubs in order to update the information.

Leave a comment

We love hearing from people who have enjoyed our walks. Please leave a comment in the box beneath every walk. You might have spotted a mistake in my directions, or you might have a suggestion to make about the route, or some other information to share about the local history or environment. All contributions are welcome. Comments are pre-moderated, so there will be a delay in your comments going live.

Share on social

There are social share buttons on every walk. If you liked the ramble, please consider sharing your experience and letting others know.

About this site

You can find out who is behind this site along with some tips for preparing for the walks by visiting our about page. Information about the content that appears on the site is set out on our copyright page.

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