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Thanks for visiting our site. We have a growing collection of free walks suitable for all ages, from an hour long potter to half-day hikes. There are walking tips for those new to rambling, and there is a comment box beneath every walk for your observations and suggestions.


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Picture of Ellie and Dave Brewer recovering from one of the walks in The Woodman Wildhill beer garden - July 2011

About this site

We now have more than 80 walks on this site, all feature local pubs. They've been written, mapped out, walked several times, and uploaded to this website by Dave and Ellie Brewer (pictured above enjoying a mid-walk drink at The Woodman, Wildhill).

The first few in the collection are about three to four miles long and fairly easy. Allow two hours for most. Some of the later additions, from walk 16 onwards, are longer. The North Mymms Way, which is walk 22, is a half-day walk of about 12 miles which will take more than four hours.

You will notice that many of the walks have the word 'loop' in the title. That means they have the same start and finish points. We also have a collection of linear walks where the distance between the start and finish points can be covered by public transport.

All the walks are fairly easy if you are able to cross step stiles, negotiate gates, traverse the occasional muddy path, and manage small hills. Boots and wet weather gear, a bottle of water, a snack, and the correct map for the area are recommended. As are long trousers or a stick if you are walking during the spring and summer when nettles and thistles may encroach on the paths.

If you are crossing any fields with livestock in, please keep dogs on a lead.

You will notice that there is a blue marker on all maps. This is the start and finish point. You will also notice yellow or green markers, these are the places where you can get refreshments, usually local pubs. The numbers on the maps relate to the numbers in the directions below each map.

Take a map with you

The Ordnance Survey Landranger 166 map for Luton & Hertfordshire covers much of this area, but you might also want to buy the more detailed Ordnance Survey Explorer series 182 for St Albans & Hatfield and the neighbouring Explorer 174 which covers Epping Forest and Lee Valley, and 194 which covers Hertford and Bishop's Stortford.

These walks work really well on smartphones, so do try them if you have such a mobile device. And for those with smartphones you might want to consider the Ordnance Survey app. We subscribe for £20 a year and have access to every map in the country. Good value if you are walking in several areas.

This site can take no responsibility for paths that have been fenced off or closed since this series of walks was published. Some signs, stiles, and gates might also have been damaged or hidden since these walks went live.

Feedback is always welcome

If you have any comments, please add them to the foot of the walk you want to discuss. All comments will be pre-moderated before they are published, so don't worry if what you write doesn't appear immediately. If you want to contact us directly, there is a contact form to the right of every page.

If you are thinking of popping in to one of the pubs along the way, please check the opening hours before setting off to make sure you are not left disappointed.


The words and images on all these walks are released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0, which means that you are free to reproduce, copy and share the content for non-commerical purposes as long as you give full attribution to the author and link to the original content. You can read more about our copyright policy here.


This site is free to use. We have a few adverts running on the site to help cover the domain registration costs. We hope they don't get in the way.

Say hello

And if you spot us on one of the walks, or, perhaps, in a beer garden, stop and say hi; it's always nice to hear from people who have enjoyed the walks.

Dave and Ellie Brewer - January 2018


  1. Hi Dave and Ellie

    Just wanted to thank you for these walks. I followed around 6 of the shorter ones with my wife and children (3 and 6) last year - some more than once. We love the old oaks at the end of walk 7. Looking to pick one out now and prepare a picknick.They really are helpfully and well considered to thank you and keep up the good work.
    Daniel, Iwona, Sara and Casper

    1. Hi Daniel, Iwona, Sara, and Casper,
      Glad you are enjoying the walks. And thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback on your experience. Looking forward to reading more from you all.
      Dave (and Ellie)

  2. Hi Dave & Ellie,
    Firstly can we thank you for putting this resource together and making it available to us all, we have enjoyed a few of the walks so far and have plans to sample many for as time allows. They make a great outing/dog walk on days off (especially if paired with pub lunch!).
    If I can make a couple of little suggestions (in case your ever bored one rainy day)! It would be really useful if the listings/titles included distances (saves opening each one to find it is is too long/short for you needs). Also I would really love an overview map with all the walks shown (perhaps as a Google Map) so I can see what options there are in any given area (I am not too familiar with all the place names).
    Keep up the good work.
    Jason, Carole & Fred (the Lurcher).

    1. Good idea about the distances Jason and Carol. The problem is that it would make the titles of the walks in the list on the right wrap. I did try, but it looked messy. I will give it some thought and come up with a fix because I like the idea.

      I had built a Google Map of the 52 walks on the old site but I haven't updated it with the new walk. But the site should have it, so I will work on that, too. Thanks again for the ideas and feedback.

      Dave (and Ellie)

    2. Hi Jason, Carole & Fred,

      Thanks again for the two suggestions - adding the distance and adding a map. I have done both.

      You will see the distances added to the list on the top right. I still have to add them to the map with locations which you can find via a link/tab at the top of any page marked 'Walk Maps'.

      I am still working on the map, but it's coming together nicely.

      Thanks again for the suggestions.


  3. Hi - have randomly walked a few of these over the past few years ( first being the North Mimms Loop) and living in Bengeo, really glad you’ve made your way over here!

    Thanks for your commitment.

    I badly broke my ankle at the start of the year, and as I’m just getting mobile again, I’m going to start from #1 and work my way through them all (some again)...

    Thanks again for your brilliant work.


  4. Hi Peter,

    Sorry to hear about your accident. It must be frustrating waiting to get well enough to walk again.

    We've probably added 20 walks since you last tried them, and there are quite a few new walks north of the A414 in that area west of the A10 and east of the A1 (M) which you might like to try.

    The easy way to find walks near you is to go to the 'tag cloud' towards the bottom of the right-hand column and click on the name of the closest pub.


    Let us know how you get on.



If you try any of the walks on this site, please let us know what you thought of them. Comments are moderated, so there will be a slight delay before what you write goes live. Thanks