Walk 53: Essendon East Loop

Undulating walk over to Howe Green

3.5 miles (5.6 km)

Photograph of the footbridge on Walk 53: Essendon East Loop

A stretching three and a half mile walk from Essendon eastwards to Howe Green then south to Little Berkhamsted and back. This walk involves crossing the golf course twice and a fair amount of up and down.

Map for Walk 53: Essendon East Loop


  1. Park in the village of Essendon either on Church Street near the church or down School Lane and walk west on West End Lane until you reach a footpath on the right just after the last house.
  2. Take this path and walk diagonally north, north-east across the field until you reach the B158, Essendon Hill.
  3. Cross the road and take the footpath opposite as it weaves over the golf course emerging on the other side via a footbridge and on to Bedwell Avenue.
  4. Turn left and walk north looking out for a footpath sign on your right. Take this path which heads east, climbs a hill and crosses a field. You emerge on country lane. Turn left and continue as the lane curves round to your right.
  5. At the next bend, just before it swings left, you will see a footpath sign on your right just after a house.  Take this path. Continue across a couple of fields until you emerge at the top of a lane by a farm. 
  6. This is a dead end for the lane, but your way is straight ahead along a footpath which heads almost due south and climbs up to Little Berkhamsted.
  7. After a small footbridge the path forks. You take the right hand fork and continue south climbing up to Little Berkhamsted until you reach Little Berkhamsted Lane. At this point you could head into Little Berkhamsted for refreshments, either at the village store or at The Five Horseshoes.
  8. Turn right and head south west following the road round to the right before you reach a bridleway/lane on your right.
  9. Take this path and continue until it becomes a footpath dropping down through woodland as it heads north.
  10. When you reach a cottage on your left veer slightly left and head west across the golf course climbing until you reach the golf club buildings where you turn right and follow the path round as it bends first left and then continues west across the fairway eventually emerging on Essendon School Lane.
  11. Turn left and return to the village. If you need refreshments, the Rose & Crown is to your left a short way down the B158, Kentish Lane.

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