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Walk 38: Ayot Greenway South Loop

Pinewoods and a riverside track

3.7 miles (6 km)

Picture of River Lea taken along Walk 38: Ayot Greenway South

This is circular walk across a golf course, through pine woods, down a riverside track, and along the route of an old railway.

Map for Walk 38: Ayot Greenway South


  1. Park just past The Waggoners and take the footpath on the other side just south of the pub on the west side of the road. The path heads south-west across the golf course through pine woods and over fairways until it reaches a laurel hedge on the far side by Brocket Park.
  2. Here you turn sharp right and walk north-east keeping the laurel hedge on your left until the path crosses a metalled track and then continues downhill, across another fairway, and uphill to woodland on the far side.
  3. Walk through the woods and then keep with the path as it drops down and then continues north-west alongside the River Lea to Waterend.
  4. When the path emerges at the lane, turn right and, almost immediately, turn left along the Lea Valley Way.
  5. Almost immediately on your right you will find a set of wooden steps taking you up the hill heading north, across a field and emerging to the left of Sparrowhall Farm.
  6. Here you turn left and follow the track down to Ayot Greenway where you turn right and follow the track of the old railway east. Continue until the track ends and the path leads down to a lane at a fork. 
  7. Take the fork heading east (at first along the side of the old railway) and keep with the lane until it reaches Ayot Green.
  8. Walk through the village and take Brickwall Close to the right just before the bridge over the A1 (M) which takes you back to your car.

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  1. I often incorporate this route into a run, it's lovely


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