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Walk 2: Camfield Place Loop

Woodland, footbridges, and the Cartland estate 

3.2 miles (5 km)

Image for walk 2, The Camfield Place Loop, created by The Hertfordshire Walker and released under Creative Commons

This short walk circles Camfield Place, the country estate of the late Barbara Cartland. It takes you through five woods, down tree-lined footpaths, across a footbridge and down quiet country lanes. The journey ends with the possibility of a drink at The Woodman at Wildhill. Check the opening times, especially on a Sunday, to ensure you are not disappointed.

Map for walk 2, The Camfield Place Loop, created by David Brewer, map elements copyright MapHub and Thunderforest


  1. If you are going to end up drinking at The Woodman, you can park in the pub car park, if not, park in the lane near the pub. Park your car towards the top of the car park. On your left you will notice an aluminium bachelor gate just beyond the beer garden where the car park widens.
  2. Enter the field and walk uphill and diagonally across the field heading slightly to the right. This one of the few muddy parts of the walk. You will notice a bachelor gate ahead. Go through it and enter a field, usually sown with rape.
  3. Head straight across this field to the edge of woodland. Here you go through another bachelor gate and, keeping the wood on your left, walk along the edge of the field.
  4. The path is usually cut diagonally across through the crops to a gap in the hedgerow leading to Kentish Lane. You need to cross the road here and turn left, walking northeast along Kentish Lane.
  5. Continue walking towards the bend where Wildhill Road, the turning for Wildhill, goes off to your left. Here you need to cross Kentish Lane again before the bend - it's too risky to cross on the bend.
  6. Continue along the footpath on the left hand side of Kentish Lane for 200m before taking a track on the left opposite Hornbeam Lane. This track is signposted the Hertfordshire Way.
  7. After 100m this track turns right at a footpath 'T' junction. Continues through Duncan's wood  until the path opens out into a field. Here there is a wonderful panoramic view of a small valley enclosed in woodland and formed by two brooks, the Essendon Brook and Wildhill Brook.
  8. Your way continues forward along a sheltered track between the fields downhill until you come to a footpath crossroads. Ahead is a small track down to a bridge over Essendon Brook, but your way is left along the edge of the woodland keeping the river on your right.
  9. Keep going north east along this path for approximately 200m until you come to a small footbridge crossing Wildhill Brook. Cross the bridge and keep walking straight, climbing out of the valley with fields on your left and the hedgerow on your right. 
  10. Your path merges with a bridleway at the top of the hill where you turn sharp left and follow this path round until you reach West End Lane which links Wildhill and West End.
  11. As you walk this parth keep looking to your left, across the fields and the valley, and you will see the late Barbara Cartland's home, Camfield Place, perched high on the distant hill.
  12. When you reach the West End Lane, turn left and walk along the road as it winds its way down the hill into the village of Wildhill.
  13. Turn left at the end of West End Lane and you will see The Woodman on your right.

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